"Excellent Quality "

Reviewed August 2017

Em Sharif cafe is a superb quality cafe the breakfast is exquisite the food is great the argile is also good the setup is elegant a must try in Beirut

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“Great place for Lunch”

Reviewed July 2017

Great place for lunch in the downtown area.
Food was delicious a variety of classic Lebanese starters with a twist and the meat mains were superb.

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"Simply excellent "

Reviewed July 2017

Excellent food and sisha at this soon to become a classic in Beirut.
The dishes at this place are a special version of Lebanese / oriental dishes.
The fattouch is a must try as well as the grills (meat is really something).

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"Simply delicious "

Reviewed July 2017

Went to Em Sherif Cafe last night with a couple of friends.
Place was buzzy at night and tables hard to find so make sure you book in advance.
Food was very tasty and a la carte.

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“Healthy lebanese food”

Reviewed April 2017
Tasty and delicious, great price.
Hummus, Falafel, Manakish, Tabbouleh, evrything was superb. 
Good atmosphere.

“very good rest”

Reviewed April 2017
Em Sherif put into one word delicious ! 
I'm not a fan of Lebanese food but this is a must try .......

“Very Nice Casual Restaurant”

Reviewed April 2017
Em Sherif Cafe is a very nice casual restaurant in Beirut with very nice food and very good service. There's variety of dishes like Manakish, Falafel, Shawerma and Fatteh. The dessert is also outstanding. I would recommend it for a brunch or early lunch.

“Lovely cafe”

Reviewed April 2017
Been at em sherif cafe in this premium location in Beirut city give u more than u expect. 
The place can tell u about the whole city, culture, and traditions from the delicious food and amazing customer service.
Is not only a place to enjoy food, is s place where u really feel what s Beirut

“Modern take on Lebanese food”

Reviewed March 2017

With its modern and elegant interior, Em Sherif gives you a modern take on Lebanese food. They serve well known local dishes (hummus, moutabbal, fatteh, tabbouleh, batata harra, shawarma etc..)presented on white and blue dishes with their own twist to the dishes. Fresh, clean and minimal, the food is of good quality served hot with great taste. Ask for their daily dishes. Their special dessert of mastikha ice-cream and white cotton candy tastes as impressive as it looks. If you are around Zaytouna Bay area and feel like good Lebanese food and atmosphere, try it. The Place seems always crowded and the staff seems to handle it well.

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“It rocks!”

Reviewed February 2017

What a great ambience and service to be had. Not to begin talking about the food which is insanely good- especially the lentil salad and Shawerma sandwich which are the stuff of dreams. Did not have a dud dish - everything was perfect - serious food heaven.
The atmosphere is super lively - the only problem I suppose is sitting inside if smoke bothers you - but then again this is beirut so best you don't come here if smoke is an issue anyhow.
Run don't walk there - amazing!

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